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14 Park Lake Rd, Sparta N.J.
(973) 579-2963
Summer is right around the corner and NOW is the time/opportunity to train one on one with our very own soccer-specific trainer!
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Soccer Specific Speed Training
Explosive first step
Improve first and second touch
Learn new moves
Learn to cut correctly
Injury prevention
Technical Framework of Positioning
Developing Powerful Confident players

Soccer Specific Strength Training
Increase kicking power
Strengthen body positioning
Increase Grip strength
Increase Muscular Endurance

Soccer Specific Goalkeeper Training
Goalkeeper Specific Fitness
Technical Framework of Positioning
Developing Powerful Confident Goalkeepers
Grip Training
Meet Our Soccer Specific Coach

Vicky Ziolkowski

Previous Division II Goalkeeper
Previous Fairleigh Dickenson University Goalkeeping Coach
Former Operations manager, GK coach, and Strength Coach at Williams Sport Training
Goalkeeper Level 1 Certification
Coaches F License Certification
Tobin Heath Testimonial
 I began training with Parisi Sparta when I was in high school. They taught me the proper techniques that encouraged me to become faster, stronger, and more explosive. As my career developed and I became older he continued to train me to become a better athlete. My training with Parisi has always been purposeful and specific. Whether it was training every week in high school, training during my breaks in college, or during my breaks with the national or club team we always had a plan. Every session was focused on a specific need. And every session was adapted to fit what i personally needed as an athlete at that time. I would absolutely recommend Parisi Sparta. If you have dreams of becoming an elite athlete he can help you get there physically. They know the physical demands of the highest caliber athletes and knows how to implement the proper training programs to allow athletes to maximize their abilities. all the best!
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